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Health benefits of various natural spices

Spice is the corner stone of life, even if it is about food, love, relationships or career. Nobody loves a bland, monotonous taste in life. Spices add the much needed zing to the ultimate product. It gives the color, flavor and taste to you daily dose of health. Apart from all this spices give you the boost much needed to combat those evil predators who wreak havoc with your immune system. Spices include a wide variety of herbs, roots, flowers and fruits. It has the humble ubiquitous cumin to the rare and costly Saffron, but ultimately all of them do the one thing, add the much needed zest to your taste buds and body.
Spices have antioxidant properties which helps you to combat Alzheimer, aging and heart disease. It has antimicrobial properties which helps to keep food safe and also kills many pathogens which cling to it. The anti-clotting and anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce the clumping of blood platelets and boost the circulatory system. Spices are also said to improve brain function. There are a great variety of spice which are the integral part of Indian, Chinese and Mediterranean cooking. The use of spice varies with respect to Indian, Chinese or Mediterranean cuisines.
To examine the health benefits of certain spices, we can begin with,

Cumin: It is one of the best sources of Iron and is used to improve digestion. Water boiled with cumin is used to control dysentery in infants.
Cardamom: The amazing cardamom tea is the best thing to lift your spirits. It is a breathe freshener and is used to cope with diabetics.
Coriander: Water boiled with coriander is a good kidney cleanser. It is good to combat rheumatism, sore throat, indigestion, allergies etc.
Curry Leaves: These are the friends of the diabetics. Curry leaves are chewed early in the morning to reduce blood sugar. It is used cleansing the body and also is a part of a host of herbal medicines.
Cinnamon: cholesterol can be considerably reduced by cinnamon. It also reduces the blood sugar levels and encourages the production of natural insulin.
Chilly: It contains Capsaicin which has antioxidant and anti-microbial properties which gives a boost to the immune system.
Clove: this humble flower was used from time immemorial to combat tooth and gum problems. It also fights digestive disorders, cough and cold.
Garlic: Reams of paper can be used to illustrate the uses of this wonder spice. It has strong antioxidant properties and is said to combat a simple cold to life threatening cancer.
Mustard: It contains omega three fatty acids an dis a wonderful source of Iron, calcium and Zinc. It is a great massage oil as it reduces aches and pains.
Pepper: Need to combat common cold then pepper is your answer. It also deals with muscle pains and digestive disorders.
Nutmeg: It is said to be a antidote for Asthma, digestive tract problems and even cancer.
Oregano: This Mediterranean spice calms digestive disorders and helps in curing respiratory illness.
Thyme: Just use it to counter you respiratory disorders and it also stimulates your immune system.
Rosemary: This was an air-freshener before the arrival of synthetic products. It is also soothes and improves the digestive system.
Saffron: This is one of the costliest spice in the world. Saffron is said to combat aging and reduce wrinkles. Continuous use is said to increase the skin tone. Saffron helps to cure a humble headache to the terrible tumors.
The list of the spices are endless and the continuous and judicious use helps in fighting diseases. Everything has a flip side and excessive use of the spices can play havoc with your digestion and circulatory systems. So go for the spice in your life but keep it under your thumb.

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