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Treatment for Low Blood Pressure – some steps

Low blood pressure in healthy individuals with no organ damage need not be treated. A consolidated evaluation by a medical practitioner can only prescribe the medicines. Self medication at all costs must be avoided. The various symptoms of hypotension is evaluated and care is suggested as follows,
• If hypotension is due to dehydration then the body has to be replenished by essential fluids. Oral consumption of electrolytes (ORS by WHO) or intravenous fluids can help to combat dehydration.
• Severe bleeding can be compensated by blood transfusions and also intravenous fluids.
• Blood pressure medications and other medicines especially diuretics have to be considered and the doctor can recommend their further use and dosage.
• Bradycardia can be due to medication and a doctor can adjust the dosage to prevent hypotension. If it is due to sick sinus symptom or a heart block then the patient may need a pacemaker implanted.
• Tachycardia can be prevented by oral medications or a implantable defibrillator and a procedure called pulmonary vein isolation.
• Pulmonary embolism due to a clot in the heart can treated by administering blood thinners like Heparin.
• Pericarditis can be treated by removing the fluid surrounding the heart by a procedure called Pericardiocentesis.
• Postural hypotension can be treated by intake of salt and water. Cafeinated beverages or coffee also improves the blood pressure. Some rest and avoiding standing for a long time also prevents low blood pressure. Avoid getting up suddenly from bed, kick your ankles and feet for few seconds to enable blood flow to the upper part of the body and slowly elevate yourself. Its OK to lie down using a pillow to keep the head elevated
• Post prandial hypotension which is the low blood pressure caused after meals can be treated by minor medications like ibuprofen.
• Vasovagal disorders which is due to the dysfunction of the Vagus nerve can be treated with medicines like flurocortisone and many beta blockers. this should be taken after proper evaluation by a certified medical practitioner. Sometimes a pacemaker would be essential if the medications fail to give the desired results.
• Septicemia and allergic reactions need to be properly monitored and adequate medications or preventive measures should be taken.
• Faulty nutrition or malnutrition may cause low blood pressure. Taking a high calorie break fast and increasing your dairy products intake may help to combat low blood pressure. Proteins and vitamins especially vitamin Band C are important to increase the blood pressure.
• Home remedies like ingesting beet root juice, and a hot water bath using epsom salts are great ways to avoid hypotension. Infusion using Indian spikenard along with cinnamon is also recommended.
• Warm water enema and a fiber rich diet preventing constipation can be taken under the consultation of a medical practitioner.
• Always keep your self abreast of your medical problems and go for a routine blood test for checking diabetes and kidney diseases. These also can cause hypotension.
• Quit smoking and minimize your alcohol intake
• Above all avoid mental stress, tensions and anxiety. Breathing exercises and yoga calms your mind and keeps you healthy. Develop and hobby or a passion and engage in light exercise like cycling or walking and this goes a long way in combating stress and hypotension. Low blood pressure may be a life threatening condition but many athletes and healthy individuals do have a low blood pressure. This may be a sign of good health too. So before jumping at conclusions, consult a certified medical practitioner and present him your medical history. One need to be cautious and avoid self medication.

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