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Health advice: Doing a bit of exercise can lead to a reduction in the threat of cancer

Increasing the amount of exercise that a person does is always recommended for a healthier lifestyle, and in the fight against many problems such as obesity, as well as lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and many others. A connection between exercise and other more dangerous diseases such as cancer is something that is not typically talked about (except for some recent literatures, and most doctors would not even make the connection). However, ongoing research makes it clear that there are links, and that a lack of exercise can actually increase the amount of risk of developing cancers. Consider this excerpt from the article (link to article):

A new research has suggested that thousands of cases of breast and bowel cancer could be prevented if people exercised regularly. Even doing 45 minutes of household chores could be really helpful, said the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF). Experts have said that more than 10,000 cases of cancer in the UK could be prevented if people adopted healthier lifestyle.
You can reduce your cancer risk just by making small changes, and this is highlighted by the fact that so many cancer cases could be prevented through something as simple as brisk walking,” she said.

What the article makes clear is that you do not need to go to gyms or do other intense exercises, even changes in your lifestyle and your habits can decrease the risk of developing some of these cancers. In today’s world, where the amount of exercise that a person does is drastically reduced, the amount of exercise that a person does is really important for their overall health.

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