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Breath work therapy – it helps in healing worries and stress.

Life now-a-days is full of stress and worries. Breathing deeply is one of the best medicines to combat day-to-day worries and pressures. It helps in releasing our emotions and frustrations.
Proper breathing has profound effects on our health.

– The breath forms the bridge between the conscious and the subconscious and allows for access and release of deep seated emotional material held in the body.
– Proper breathing helps in eliminating 70% of waste by-products.
– It brings positive thinking in our life.
– Breathwork involves a variety of experiences which act as emotional cleansing tool for our soul.
– It allows to conquer addictive behaviors while healing unresolved issues.
– Stress affects breathing. When repeated, it becomes a generator of hang ups which can result in lack of creativity, low productivity or as emotional unbalance. By practicing breathwork and becoming conscious of the way that we breathe, we can reverse this inhibition, liberating ourselves from the effects of stress.
– Strong relationships can be maintained.
– It helps in controlling and mastering our emotions.
– Relaxing and releasing the breath dissolves tension in the body and mind.

Meditation forms a certain part of this therapy as one gains more and more awareness about his or her body. This helps in resolving unresolved issues within you. Breathing deeply is often considered to be one of the best medicines to combat all day-to-day worries and pressures. It helps in releasing all our pent up emotions and frustrations.

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