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How to parent and teach a dyslexic child ?

Dyslexia means a disorder in psychological processes associated with reading, language processing, and learning. Children with Dyslexia are confused with letters and numbers and often learn to think in pictures and images instead.

Types of Dyslexia
– Development dyslexia is caused during the early stages of fetus development and is hormonal in nature. It decreases with the growth of the child and is more common in boys.
– Trauma Dyslexia occurs if the part of the brain that commands reading and writing abilities is injured.
– Primary Dyslexia does not change with age and is a malfunction in the left side of brain.

Dyslexia children can be successful in life. The main thing that they need from their parents is lots of love and emotional support. They should have a positive attitude towards children.
Children with dyslexia faces problem in reading.
– Parents can use a tinted cellophane paper over the page to cut down on the stark differences in the black and white print.
– Make the child read only one line at a time.
– Do not make your child read for long hours.
– Parents should help their child to create a visual image of what he is reading to help with comprehension.
– Include rhyming games in everyday tasks.
– Point out new words and attach a story to them so that child recognizes the word with that story. – Use the strengths of your child as the basis of learning.
– Accept your child’s limitations but do not allow them to use these as an excuse for failure.
– Have graph paper available at home to help him line up math problems.
– Use lined paper and help the child begin at the margin and write to the left.
– Make a daily check list for the pupil to refer to each evening.
– Encourage a daily routine to help develop the child’s own self-reliance and responsibilities. Use lined paper for writing.
– Use wristband to designate right or left hand. Use markers to highlight the word or text.

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