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Elliptical cross trainers, parts of the body impacted and the health benefits

For somebody looking to lose weight or just plain tone up their body, there are a number of different options in terms of exercises and fitness regimes. The most common routines that people use is either walking or jogging / running. Walking is a very beneficial form of exercise, when done at a brisk pace that leaves you tired at the end of the walk. However, a number of people feel that the time benefits of walking as an exercise is very low, and prefer jogging. What does that mean ? Well, it means that somebody who can exercise for 30 minutes a day would feel that they will get far better results if they concentrated on jogging or running for the same time as they would walk. However, jogging or running comes with some risks for the body, since these are impact exercises where there is some impact on the knees and other areas of the body. One of the new forms of exercise is called a cross trainer or an elliptical trainer, which is a device that provides a complete body workout.
The cross trainer is an exercise machine that attempts to provide multiple exercises in the same machine, combining the advantages of an exercise bike, a treadmill and a stepper, along with the ability to exercise the upper body (not true for all cross trainers, but present in a sizable section of the machines being sold). What are some of the advantages of using a cross trainer:
1. These machines are designed to mimic the slightly elliptical nature of the natural walk of humans, causing the most natural movement of the legs
2. Since the feet never lose contact with the foot pad of the machine, there is no question of a high impact that helps those who experience pain the knees, hips, etc.
3. The machines come with hand levers that help in the toning of the muscles of the upper body
4. During the motion of the elliptical trainer, all the muscles of the lower leg are exerted, causing the strengthening and toning up of these muscles.
5. You are able to control the speed of the machine easily, and in most cross trainers, there is no need for any electricity or power; the power needed to drive the various measurements is provided through your movement of the wheel of the cross trainer
6. The machine lasts longer that a traditional treadmill because of the lesser impact during motion
7. The aim of a cross trainer is to provide a good cardiovascular workout rather than build muscles, something that helps you stay healthy while exercising.
8. The movement of the legs during the exercise is totally smooth, non-jarring and fairly comfortable (although it can be more difficult as you increase the resistance levels). This makes it even useful for elderly people as well.

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