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Research – Watermelon can reduce the chances of developing cardiovascular disease

Watermelon is recommended as a food for the health conscious. Because of the high water content of watermelon, it is meant for people in hot countries to use as a snack that replenishes the water content of the body and really does not cause harm. The sugars present in watermelon are easily absorbed by the body and are a simple form of sugar (very much unlike the complex sugars used in processed foods and sugary foods). However, are there other benefits of this simple fruit ? There is research conducted on whether the watermelon has any other benefits, and it turns out that the research moves to the area of blood pressure, prehypertension, and eventually to cardiovascular disease (link):

A pilot study led by food scientists at The Florida State University suggests that watermelon can be an effective natural weapon against prehypertension, a precursor to cardiovascular disease. This is the first investigation of its kind in humans.
“These findings suggest that this ”functional food” has a vasodilatory effect, and one that may prevent prehypertension from progressing to full-blown hypertension, a major risk factor for heart attacks and strokes. “Given the encouraging evidence generated by this preliminary study, we hope to continue the research and include a much larger group of participants in the next round,” he said.

This does not mean that you can reduce blood pressure problems by earing more watermelon, but it does mean that you can cause yourself no harm by making sure that watermelon is a part of your regular diet.

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