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Water yourself….the health benefits of drinking water.

Thirst is what makes you drink, regulated by the amount of salt or sodium in your blood. Drinking too much of water is seldom a concern. It is safe to drink about 2.5 liters of water in a day. It should not probably exceed 4.8 liters. A problem called water intoxication can occur in marathon runners and other athletes, people working for long hours in heat.

Signs of Dehydration

Mild Dehydration
– Light headedness
– Thirst and dry mouth
– Headache
– Fatigue
– Flushed skin
In this condition, you need rest, fluids and a cool room.
Moderate Dehydration
– Rapid heartbeat
– Dizziness
– Low blood pressure
– Severe headaches and weakness
– Lack of energy and concentration
– Small quantities of urine
– Reduced skin elasticity
In this condition, you need to replace electrolytes with electro l or O.R.S. and rest in a cool a room.
Severe Dehydration
– Muscle spasm
– Swollen tongue
– Poor blood circulation
– Increased weakness
– Fainting
– No urine output
– Confusion and delirium
In this condition, you need to call a doctor and have an intravenous drip.

With 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day, you can add many more benefits than just quenching your thirst.
– Boost your energy level: The more water you drink, the less glycogen which your muscles use for energy, you spend. Water makes you less tired.
– Keep the skin glowing: Sun sucks out moisture leaving you dry, taunt, wrinkled. Less water means larger pores, acne, breakouts. Water will not only replenish lost liquid but keep your skin glowing and clear.
– Keep your kidneys stone free: By drinking more water, you dilute your pee and nip salt crystals that burgeon in stones. Adding lime juice to it is even a better idea.
– Sidestep cold: Lack of water dries out your mucous producing tissues which trap viruses. Drinking water will help you to get rid of that phlegm producing cough.
– Unclog your plumbing: water keep you from getting constipated, because the food that you eat, specially fiber and roughage, works better when it soaks up fluid.
– Take the sting out of painkillers: Chances of developing acidity after eating antibiotics is reduced with the intake of water.
– Help brain to do its job: Leaking sweat can impair your concentration and reaction time and effect your ability to make decisions.
– Prevent jet lag: The dry air in a plane can pull the water out of you. You breathe harder because of lower levels of oxygen. An extra glass before a flight and a glass every hour you are in the clouds keeps you flying fit.
– Keep you slim: A glass of water will tank you up before your next meal, and help you to lay off the lays. It makes you feel full if you drink it with your meal. That’s why you can actually lose weight if you drink more zero calorie water.

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