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Maintain a healthy body and mind – Sharpen Your Mind By Exercising It

Exercising body is very necessary to keep it fit and healthy… But in order to have a healthy body, a healthy mind is also necessary. Doing unique, random, different, and ridiculous things is a good way to exercise the mind and promote new ways of thinking about the world around us.

– Stimulate your ears differently.
– Stimulate your eyes in new ways.
– Learn about different people and lifestyles.
– Join clubs based on things you have no knowledge.
– Watch movies that you normally don’t partake in.
– Learn how to write backwards.
– Read backwards or upside down.
– Build ridiculous things like radios, legos, robots etc.
– Walk backwards.
– Learn to juggle.
– Attend churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, trade union meetings, places of worship and meditation.
– Play strategy games like Bridge, Checkers, Chess, Sudoko etc.
– Travel.
– Learn to read and write new language.
– Learn to play some musical instrument.
– Talk to someone you wouldn’t normally talk to.

Engage in stimulating mental activity to strengthen brain cells and nerve connections. Vigorously exercising your mind, regardless of age, is necessary for long-term mental health. Do not allow long periods to elapse without stretching, extending, and forcing your mind into new areas of stimulation and challenge.

Exercise improves blood flow, metabolism, energy, mental focus, people who have had long-term stress. It helps the brain start to re-grow new cells and helps them extend and connect better with other cells.

Always engaging yourself in some sort of new learning is very important. Challenge yourself to learn a hobby, computers, a new skill, or build a website. It is “the challenges” that will force your mind into a higher level of activity.

Mind-Body exercises promotes body awareness through the performance of precise physical movements that controls and balances your own body-weight. A mind-body exerciser never needs to be entertained while exercising. They never workout totally oblivious to the exercises that they are performing.

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