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What kind of diet should be followed if the person is gaining fat on stomach?

People face problem of being overweight at an early age especially gaining weight or fat on stomach. This is a matter of concern as this is the time when health can start deteriorating if one is not careful.

Having a large tummy means that you are eating more calories than you need to. This does not mean you start dieting. Burning the fat from the stomach and achieving a toned belly are totally different goals that require different approaches.

– A healthy diet, slightly lower in calories than the body requires will help burn fat from all over the body including the flat stomach area.
– Food intake should only reduce calories a little at a time over the course of many months.
– Reducing calories too much results in a lowered metabolism and even possibly a gain in weight.
– A five meal pattern is ideal i.e. three meals and two small snacks in between. Remember not to snack between these five meals even if it is a cup of tea with a teaspoon of sugar.
– Follow the half plate rule which means that half of your plate should be filled with carbohydrates and proteins and the rest should be vegetables cooked in minimal amount of oil.
– Avoid second helpings.
– Serve food yourself and keep away serving bowls in kitchen.
– Do not cut down on pizzas, pastas or paranthas entirely. Just reduce the proportion by 20%.
– Cut down on junk fatty foods like chips, namkeens etc.
– Cut down on the proportion of sweets and deserts.
– Alcohol especially beer adds a lot of calories. Reduce your drink intake.
– Walking, jogging, running, swimming, cycling, step aerobics, rowing, rock climbing, are all fun and effective exercises.
– Abs exercises that specifically target the abs are crucial when it comes to reduce stomach fat.
– Exercise the side of the stomach as well as the front abs
– Crunches are one of the best for flattening stomach.
– become more active inside and outside the house.

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