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Regular use of Olive Oil in your diet can prevent heart problems, fight cancer and increase life expectancy.

Olive oil is basically fruit oil that is acquired through the olive tree plant. Olive oil is truly “Liquid Gold”. It is a versatile product. It is used not only for cooking but it can be used as beauty aid, home remedies, cleaning agent.

Benefits of Olive Oil

– It is natural and it tastes good.
– It helps digestion, making it easy for the body to assimilate various foods giving a boost to the whole metabolic process.
– It fights stomach ulcers.
– It adds good fat acids to the daily diet. t makes skin more smooth and elastic.
– It helps in reducing blood pressure.
– It lessens the severity of asthma and arthritis.
– It inhibits the growth of some cancers.
– Diabetics are advised to combine a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet with olive oil as it benefits people at risk for or with diabetes.
– It helps in reducing cholesterol.
– Vitamins E, K, and A as well as polyphenols, squalene, oleocanthol, triterpenes and hundreds more micronutrients make olive oil a healthy choice.
– It keeps your body in shape, safe from heart or cardiovascular problems.

Myths about Olive Oil

– Olive oil cannot be used for Indian cooking.
It can be used for cooking especially if you use the right grade i.e. Olive Pomace Oil.
– Olive Oil is too expensive.
Olive oil costs more than other edible oils, it is economical to use since it is used in 1.3rd the quantity of other edible oils. It can be reused 3.4 times since it has high smoking point.
– Olive oil should not be heated and is not suitable for frying.
Olive Pomace Oil is one of the best oils for high-heat cooking and frying. Olive Pomace oil has a smoking point of 238 degrees C. Its benefits are especially apparent when frying at between 130 and 238 degrees C. It forms a crisp, golden crust, making the fried food much more apetizing but not affecting its nutritional value.

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