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What are different kind of myths about lung cancer?

Myths about the causes and treatment of lung cancer abound. There are number of myths that surround lung cancer.

Common symptoms of lung cancer

– A cough that doesn’t go away after two to three weeks.
– Worsening of a long-standing cough.
– Persistent chest infections.
– Coughing blood.
– Persistent breathlessness.
– Persistent tiredness or lack of energy.
– Persistent weight loss.
– Persistent chest and/or shoulder pain.

Myths around Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is just a smoker’s disease
Although smoking is the main cause of lung cancer, one in 10 cases of lung cancer is not linked with smoking.
Pipe and cigar do not cause lung cancer
It not only increases the risk of lung cancer but also cancers of throat, oral and o esophageal areas.
Ultra light, light or Low tar cigarettes are a safe bet to Regular Ones.
Surgery causes lung cancer to spread
In the early stages of the disease, surgery can offer a chance to cure the disease.
Lung cancer is a male dominated disease.
Lung cancer can happen and affect anybody. There has been a huge increase in the number of women who are affected.
More Women Die From Breast Cancer Than From Lung Cancer
It is an equal opportunity disease.
Lung cancer is not treatable
If lung cancer is detected early then lung cancer is treatable. Different treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation oncology.
Why should one stop smoking if someone has cancer already
Smoking is not the reason for all lung cancers. If you stop smoking before a cancer develops, the damaged lung tissue gradually starts to return to normal.
Antioxidant Supplements shield the body from cancers
Cigarette smoking is the sole risk factor for lung cancer
I am too young to have lung cancer
Lung cancer is more common in older people, but can occur in young people and even children.
Lung Cancer is a Death Sentence
Certainly the survival rate for lung cancer overall is not what we would hope.

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