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What is Physiotherapy ? What are different types of physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a science that aims to improve people with movement disorders by using evidence-based, natural methods such as exercise, motivation, adapted equipment, education and advocacy.
Its primary motive is to restore normal functioning and relieving pain. The treatment focuses on the following systems:
– Spinal cord, nervous system
– Blood circulation and functioning of the heart
– Health of the muscles, bones and ligaments
– Skin care, healing of wounds
– Vestibular system (inner ear) as it is important for restoring balance

Types of Physiotherapy

It involves the application of ice. The temperature of the skin over the ailment is reduced to 10°C during the treatment. it is useful in muscle spasm, spasticity, pain, bed sores. It should not be used if a person has psychological fear of ice, any kind of cardiac problems, nerve injuries and lack of sensation. It can be applied through ice towel, ice packs, immersion, ice cube massage.

L A S E R (Light Amplification Stimulated Emission of Radiation) THERAPY
Treatment is done in two ways either direct contact (directly over the skin) or distance contact (5cm away from the skin). It is useful in wounds, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, surgical wounds. It should not be used with epileptic persons/persons with recurrent fits, persons with cardiac problems and persons using artificial pacemakers.

Heat can be used to heal the muscles and softer tissues. Heating is very helpful when joints have become stiff because of osteoarthritis and also to help in relaxing the muscles before exercises. It helps in blood circulation. It is advisable to wait for about 2 days before making use of heat.

Exercising in water or using water for healing softer tissues form hydrotherapy because water helps in the flow of blood, it stores as well as carry heat, swimming takes the pressure off a paining joint.

Electrical Stimulation
The use of electrical current for treatment of joint and muscle disorder is also becoming increasingly popular. It is used for mending broken bones and healing wounds. It is used at very low levels of current to help in decreasing the pain as it produces some pain killers. After a heart stroke, electrical stimulation is made use of to regulate the functioning of the muscles near the shoulder. It is used in maintaining the strength of the muscles of legs in a person suffering from arthritis. It helps in bringing the muscles at the front of the thigh after the conclusion of a knee surgery.

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