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What are different myths that surround fitness?

Avoid believing everything you hear. There are lots of myths in fitness that might cause injury and stop you from getting the best workout.

Myth 1: Even after you finish your workout, an aerobic workout helps to boost your metabolism.
It is true that the metabolism continues to burn at a slightly higher rate after finishing an aerobic workout, but the amount is too small to be taken into consideration.

Myth 2: Running on treadmill puts less stress on knees than running on roads.
Running impacts the knees as your body weight relies on the joints, which causes stress. It does not matter whether you run on a treadmill or on road. Reduce this impact by varying the workout instead of running for a long time at a stretch.

Myth 3: Swimming helps in reducing weight quickly.
Swimming increases lung capacity, tone your muscles and even helps de-stress you. It does not really help you lose many pounds. Swimming also makes you feel hungry and you end up eating more.

Myth 4: Sweating is a must while exercising.
It is possible to burn a number of calories without breaking a sweat. Light weight training or walking are also effective methods of workout.

Myth 5: Ab machines help to get rid of belly fat.
It helps to strengthen muscles around your middle and improve posture, only a strict diet and exercise regime will help you burn that fat. Follow a workout that includes both cardiovascular and strength training factors that will decrease your overall fat.

Myth 6: Pain is good while working out
Some amount of soreness is normal but searing pain while working out is not a good sign. An exercise should not hurt you while you are doing it.

Myth 7: Yoga helps relieve all types of backache
Yoga helps when your backache is muscle-related because the stretches and positions work to relax the muscles. but if your back problems are related to ruptured disc or some other similar problem, yoga is definitely not the answer.

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