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What are different kind of complications that may occur during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a crucial period in women life. Sometimes the changes taking place will cause irritation or discomfort, and on occasions they may seem quite alarming. Pregnancy complications should never be overlooked, even if you may never have any, it is better to know what the problems and complications are occurring during your pregnancy.

Some problems faced during pregnancy are backache and pelvic joint pain, constipation, cramp, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), faintness, feeling hot in pregnancy, headaches, high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia, incontinence (wetting or soiling yourself), indigestion and heartburn, itching, leaking nipples, nausea and morning sickness, nose bleeds, passing water often, piles, severe itching and obstetric cholestasis, skin and hair changes, sleeplessness, slow-growing babies, stretch marks, swollen ankles, feet and fingers, teeth and gums, vaginal discharge, vaginal bleeding.


– Nausea and Vomiting : This is due to hormonal changes and frequently changing levels of blood sugar in the body. Solution is to avoid drinks that cause discomfort, take rest and sleep, wear comfortable clothes.
– Changes in breast : The breast feels tender and sensitive. The nipple feels sore when touched as the milk ducts are enlarging and blood supply increases.
– Bleeding which can be due to placenta praevia, abruptio placentae, preterm labour, IUGR or foetal growth retardation, post term pregnancy.
– Fatigue and Tiredness : Maintain a proper diet and pamper yourself.
– Frequent urination.
– Vaginal discharge.
– Mood changes.


The second trimester of pregnancy is a busy time for both you and your baby. Your baby will be growing very rapidly over the next several week.
– CONSTIPATION: This is common during pregnancy due to relaxation of intestinal muscles. Taking of iron and calcium supplements can cause constipation. Inadequate intake of fiber, fluids, irregular eating habits are also contributing for constipation.
– BACKACHE: Backaches are usually caused by poor posture. Since you now have more weight in front of your body, you may be leaning back to compensate. If you have gained more than the recommended amount of weight, this pain may be worse.
– SWELLING OF ANKLES, FEET, HANDS & FACE: Swelling is the second most common feature in the last trimester. Puffy hands, feet, and face not only make for a funny look but can be very uncomfortable as well. This occurs due to water and fluid retention in the body.
– ABDOMINAL PAIN: There are many causes of abdominal pains. Some twinges and tightening feelings are to be expected, as the area expands to hold the growing baby.
– GROIN PAIN: as your body prepares for labor, your pelvic joints soften so the baby can easily pass through them.
– BLEEDING GUMS: Hormonal effects during pregnancy may cause your gums to bleed. During this time your gums become tender as blood supply increases.
– ITCHINESS: It is normal for the skin to feel itchy as it stretches during the period of the 24th to the 32nd week.

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