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Things to Eat and Things not to Eat during Pregnancy

Diet plays an important role during pregnancy. To maintain a healthy pregnancy, one should know what he can eat and what not.

– Avoid eating very high empty calorie foods without being nutritious.
– Alcohol in any amount is bad during pregnancy.
– Stay away from smoking and from people who smoke.
– Sushi i.e. raw fish and shellfish are definitely not safe to eat during pregnancy. They can harbor hepatitis, bacteria and parasites, all dangerous to women and their fetuses.
– Raw meats or uncooked beef or poultry should not be taken during pregnancy.
– Avoid high mercury fish during pregnancy.
– Eating soft or blue veined cheeses during your pregnancy will increase your risk of contracting listeria which is a form of bacteria that can potentially be very harmful to your baby.
– Caffeine intake should be limited.
– Un-pasteurized juice can harbor bacteria that can affect you and your baby.
– Deli meats including hot dogs which may contain listeria, a kind of bacteria should be avoided.
– Refrigerated smoked seafood should be avoided.
– Animal liver contains very high levels of vitamin A. Women who consume too much may risk a higher incidence of birth defects in their babies.

– Pregnant women should eat at least 7 servings of fruits and vegetables in their diet as they are rich source of fiber, vitamins and minerals.
– Eat plenty of high fiber foods like cereals, whole-grain bread, pastas.
– Eat or drink at least four serving of dairy or calcium products.
– Eat iron-rich foods.
– Pregnant women should eat at least 60 gm of protein everyday. Eggs, nuts, dried beans are also good sources of protein.
– Folic acid should be taken regularly. It is a vitamin B that helps prevent serious birth defects of a baby’s brain and spine.
– Pregnant women should drink water regularly. They should not dehydrate themselves.


Benefits of eating papaya during pregnancy can reduce indigestion, inflammatory bowel syndrome or heartburn. It is also rich in vitamins.
But it should be remembered that only fully riped papaya should be eaten. Even slightly unripe papaya has a latex like substance in it. This latex substance acts like prostaglandin and oxytocin which are generally use to induce labor and cause miscarriages. Consuming papaya during the early weeks of pregnancy should be avoided unless you are absolutely sure that it is fully ripe.
Hence, papaya is generally avoided by most women as a precautionary measure.

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