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Anosmia (Loss of Smell) – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Anosmia is the loss and disturbance of the sense of smell and is intended as a resource for sufferers from olfactory disorders. Our smell nerves (olfactory nerves) are situated behind the eyes and above your nose. Airborne substances that are inhaled stimulate these nerves and allow you to perceive your sense of smell. It can be temporary or permanent depending on the cause.
Loss of smell could cause you to lose interest in eating, leading to weight loss, malnutrition or even depression. Loss of smell also prevents you from smelling things like spoiled food or smoke.


– age
– severe infection in the sinuses.
– severe nasal congestion of blockage caused due to excessive mucus.
– seasonal or nasal allergies.
– on some serious note, neurological disorder may be the cause.
– head injury and lead poisoning.
– use of certain medications.
– trauma.
– hormonal disturbances or dental problems.
– nerve damage caused by cigarette smoke.
– anosmia can be a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease.
– zinc deficiency can also cause anosmia.
– brain aneurysm.
– diabetes.
– huntington’s disease.
– klinefelter syndrome.
– Kallmann’s syndrome.


– loss of smell.
– loss of taste.
– loss of appetite.

The complications of anosmia may be distressing. There are no serious health concerns resulting from anosmia. At times, the loss of smell causes the inability to smell rotten food which may cause stomach problems by its ingestion. Occasionally it may become dangerous when one is not able to smell fire smoke.


– Examination of the head and neck, a CT scan and skull x-rays.
– Quit smoking.
– Do not overuse and misuse nasal decongestants.
– Taking a zinc supplement can improve your sense of smell.
– Surgical correction of deviated nasal septum may be done if needed.

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