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Lysine : The Anti Virus factor – Functions, Sources and Deficiency symptoms.

Lysine is an essential amino acid which cannot be synthesized in the body. It is therefore essential that the diet should contain adequate quantities of it. Cereal proteins such as rice, wheat, oats, millet, and sesame seeds are deficient in lysine. Vitamin C has a protective effect on the body levels of lysine.

Lysine inhibits the proliferation of viruses. Along with vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin A, it helps in eliminating virus infections. Since vitamin C protects this amino acid in the body, lysine with vitamin C has a much stronger anti-virus effect than if either is used separately.

The main sources of lysine are leafy vegetables, pulses and legumes, meat, poultry, milk and milk products, and ripe fruits.

The insufficient intake of lysine in the diet can lead to :
– a poor appetite.
– reduction in body weight.
– anemia.
– reduced ability to concentrate.
– headaches.
– dizziness.
– nausea.
– it is also associated with pneumonia, nephrosis, and acidosis, as well as with malnutrition and rickets in children.

Lysine is considered to be a natural remedy for cold sores, shingles, and genital herpes. It exercises beneficial effects in viral related diseases, particularly herpes simplex. During episodes of acute herpes, a minimum of 1,500 mg of lysine and at least one gram of vitamin C should be taken daily.
Lysine is used therapeutically to assist gastric function and appetite. It thus helps to enhance the growth of children. The therapeutic dosage recommended for this purpose is 500mg – 1500mg daily.

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