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Phenylalanine – essential amino-acid for weight control.

Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid since other amino acids are formed from it in the body. Along with tyrosine, it provides raw material from which the body makes the hormones adrenaline and thyroxine. The body can also convert phenylalanine to tyrosine but not vice versa.

Phenylalanine is effective for weight control because of its effect on thyroid selection. It also plays an important role in the control of appetite. If taken before meals, it suppresses the appetite substantially. This amino acid is also essential for the efficient functioning of the kidneys and the bladder.

Phenylalanine is found in abundance in:
– curd
– milk
– cottage cheese
– pulses and legumes
– poultry
– piyal seeds
– groundnuts
– pistachio nuts
– almonds
– leafy vegetables
– whole grains

Deficiency of phenylalanine can lead to a variety of symptoms including:
– bloodshot eyes.
– cataract.
– several behavioral changes such as psychotic and schizophrenic behavior.

Phenylalanine has many therapeutic uses like:
– It is considered beneficial in the treatment of obesity and is being successfully employed as an appetite suppressant for this condition.
– In the intestinal tract, the amino acids tryptophan and phenylalanine trigger the release of cholycystokinin which induces satiety, and a termination of eating.
– An intake of half a teaspoon of phenylalanine powder 30 minutes before each meal can lead to a loss of as much as 100 to 200g of weight a day.
– Positive effects noticed after 24-48 hours of taking phenylalanine are a feeling of greater alertness, an increase in sexual interest, memory enhancement.
– It also diminishes depressant feelings.

CAUTION: Caution should be observed in the use of phenylalanine in hypertensive individuals. Low doses of around 100mg daily should be taken by anyone with suspected high blood pressure, and a check should be kept on pressure levels.

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