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VALINE – Essential Amino Acids that prevents nervous disorders.


– Valine is an essential amino acid.
– Valine is not produced by the body so it has to be given through dietary sources.
– Valine is the member of branched chain family of amino acid.
– Valine is hydrophobic.
– Valine is needed for proper performance of the nervous system.
– Valine intake prevents nervous and digestive disorders.
– Valine encourages normal growth, tissue repair and maintaining blood sugar.
– Valine help to prevent loss of muscle tissue in patients with diabetes.
– Valine helps to prevent loss of muscle tissue in patients with diabetes.
– Valine may help treat malnutrition associated with drug addiction.
– Valine is also helpful in synthesis of glucose in liver especially during anaerobic activities.
– Valine helps to maintain nitrogen balance in body.
– Valine helps in treating liver and gallbladder disease.


The main food sources of valine are :
– Leafy vegetables
– Finger millet
– Rice and other cereals
– Kidney beans
– Legumes and pulses
– Piyal seeds
– Pistachio
– Cashew nuts
– Peaches
– Poultry
– Cottage cheese


– The lack of valine makes a person sensitive to touch and sound.
– An excess of valine can give rise to hallucinations and a interrupt liver function.

Valine intake as a part of the amino acid combination of phenylalanine-valine-methionine-tryptophan in the ratio of 3:2:2:1, taken in 4g doses prior to meals, results in decreased food intake in 50 percent of obese women.

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