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Underweight – Weighing less than normal – Causes, Symptoms, Remedies, Dietary Considerations

There is an ideal weight for a given height, built, and sex. A person is regarded as moderately underweight i he or she weighs ten percent below the ideal body weight. Sometimes, it gets extremely difficult for underweight people to gain weight due to various factors such as a genetic predisposition, certain hormonal imbalances, and even some health conditions.


– Inadequate calorie intake.
– Excessive bodily activity.
– Bad eating habits like skipping meals, small meals, fasting etc.
– Emotional factors.
– Inadequate digestion.
– Wrong dietary pattern for a particular metabolism such as overactive thyroid.
– Hereditary tendencies.
– Chronic dyspepsia.
– Chronic diarrhea.
– Intestinal worms.
– Liver disorders.
– Diabetes.
– Insomnia.
– Constipation.


– Fatigue.
– Poor physical stamina.
– Low resistance to infection.
– Diseases like tuberculosis, respiratory disorders, pneumonia, heart disorders, cerebral hemorrhage, typhoid fever and cancer are common.


– Include banana milk shake in diet.
– Take musk melon three times a day for forty days.
– Have fruit diet with milk.
– Have a mango with a glass off milk.
– Figs have high percentage of rapidly assimilation sugar make it strengthening and fattening food.
– Raisins help in gaining weight.
– Nutrients like Vitamin D and Vitamin B6, calcium and magnesium are important for underweight people.
– Take a cup of milk and put some almonds, date palm and anjeer in it. Boil this milk and have it when warm. This is helpful in treating underweight problem.


Diet plays an important role in building up health for gaining weight. Underweight person should:
– eat frequent meals.
– diet should contain more calories than normal.
– regular exercise like walking, dancing, yoga, meditation and massage.
– proper sleep.
– reduced stress.
– yogasanas like sarvangasana, halasana and matsyasana.

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