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Pyorrhea – Pus in the Gums – Causes, Symptoms, Remedies, Diet

Pyorrhea or pus in the gums is a disease of the gums. Due to growth of bacteria on the gums, this condition happens. The bacillus thrives and multiplies on the deposits of the food that gets accumulated within the gaps of the teeth. Pyorrhea is the main and primary cause for tooth loss among people.


– Bacterial activity.
– Accumulated bacteria produce many toxins which irritate gums causing them to become inflamed, tender, and prone to bleeding easily.
– Improper brushing of teeth.
– Improper nutrition.
– Improper use of toothpicks.
– Poor oral hygiene.


– Gums become tender.
– On pressing, pus oozes out along the margin of teeth.
– Pus from cavities goes into stomach.
– Swelling in gums.
– Improper stomach functioning.
– Digestion problem.
– Liver trouble.
– Bad breath.


– Chewing unripe green guava stops bleeding from the gums due to its styptic effect and richness in Vitamin C.
– Drink 1 cup of spinach juice mixed with 1 cup of carrot juice.
– Gargling with sesame oil is very effective in pyorrhea.
– Eat orange regularly.
– Lemon juice should be rubbed on the gums. This is extremely burning in initial stages but later on it is soothing.
– Mix pepper and salt together and massage your gums with this will reduce the symptoms of pyorrhea.
– Crush some pepper to form a fine powder. Add some salt to it. Now, massage the mixture onto the gums, several times a day.
– Chew lettuce leaves everyday after meals.
– The juice of raw spinach is very valuable remedy for the prevention and treatment of pyorrhea.
– Apply a paste of camphor in spoonful of ghee and apply.
– Blend 200 ml castor oil and 5 grams camphor in 100 ml honey. Dip one of the ends of a neem twig in it and rub it lightly on your teeth.


– Balanced diet.
– Fresh fruits, green salads, whole meal bread, properly cooked vegetables.
– White bread, white sugar and all refined and tinned foods should be given up.
– Condiments, sauces, alcohol, coffee and strong tea should be avoided.
– Oral hygiene should be maintained.

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