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Piles or Haemorrhoids – Causes, Symptoms, Remedies and Diet

Piles is the swelling and enlargement of the blood vessel present near the anal region. It is common in all ages and sexes. Veins inside or outside the rectum gets inflamed. It is sometimes very painful. Piles can be of two types:
– External Piles: It can be felt and seen from outside. There is a lot of pain but less bleeding.
– Internal Piles: They are not visible and are present inside the anal canal. Dark colored blood is discharged.


– Chronic constipation.
– Bowel disorders.
– Straining in order to evacuate the constipated bowels, and the pressure that is caused on the surrounding veins.
– Prolonged periods of standing or sitting.
-Strenuous work.
– Obesity.
– Weak tissues.
– Stress and mental tension.
– Heredity
– Frequent diarrhea.
– Lifting heavy weights.
– Excessive intake of spicy and heavy food.
– Piles are more common in pregnancy and in conditions affecting liver and upper bowel.
– Low fiber diet.


– Bleeding in case of internal trouble.
– Pain in passing stools.
– Soreness.
– Irritation.
– Problem in sitting for a long time due to itching and discomfort.
– Pain in rectal region.
– Anemia due to profuse bleeding.
– Wind formation.


Radish juice should be taken regularly at least half a cup.
– Soak 3-4 dry figs in water after washing them in hot water. Drink the water and eat the figs the fist thing in the morning. They should be taken in the evening and continue this for three or four weeks.
– Boil 1 ripe banana in 1 cup of milk, mash well. Take 3-4 times a day.
– One and half to two grams of dried and powdered mango seeds should be consumed twice daily with or without honey.
– Eat jambul fruit with salt every morning for two or three months during its season.
– The juice of turnip leaves should be taken to cure this disease.
– Three tsp of bitter gourd juice mixed with a glass of buttermilk should be taken every morning.
– Half tsp of ginger juice mixed with half a tsp of fresh lime juice and fresh mint juice plus a tbsp of honey should be taken.
– Add 60 grams of water in 30 grams of grounded onion and take it twice in a day.
Rice gruel with a glass of buttermilk is good for piles.
– Grounded sesame seeds can be given with butter for bleeding piles.


– The digestive tract should be given complete rest for few days.
– Patient should adopt an all fruit diet for at least seven days.
– Adopt a diet of natural foods.
– Foods which contain less fat are skimmed milk, buttermilk, curd and cottage cheese made from skimmed milk; all vegetables except cabbage, onions, dried beans and peas; cooked and dried cereals, fruits and fruit juices.
– Papaya, musk melon, apple and pear; green vegetables, particularly spinach and radish, wheat, porridge, whole meal cereals and milk should be taken.

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