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Why do sometimes our body crave for sugar and sweets?

Having a sweet tooth is a natural characteristic common to almost everyone. This is because the consumption of sugar can give you a temporary high and after a few minutes or even a couple of hours, your body could crave some more sugar, just so that it can experience the same high once again. The more you give into the urge, the stronger will it become.

– Sometimes our body requires a boost in blood sugar. This often leads to you to crave sweets at
the end of an exhausting day.
– Craving for sugar could be due to lower serotonin levels. Serotonin is a brain chemical that makes you feel content and happy.
– Sugar gives you a mood boost that makes eating it more pleasurable.
– A craving for sweets may indicate a lack of minerals in the body.
– People with an overgrowth of yeast in their intestines often crave sugar.
– Diabetic intense cravings for sugar.
– Depending on your body-type, you may have a predilection toward sweets.


– Depression
– Eating habits
– Following a low carbohydrate diet
– Leading a sedentary lifestyle
– Stress
– Pregnancy
– Exhaustion


– Fatigue
– Lack of energy
– Increased sugar addiction
– Increased caffeine intake
– Need for sleep


– Wean yourself off sugary products slowly. Instead of buying soft drinks sweetened with sugar or high fructose, switch to sugar-free or low sugar substitutes.
– Avoiding foods which tend to trigger cravings for sweets may also be helpful.
– Exercise regularly and follow a proper diet plan.
– Divert your mind.
– Eat often i.e. eat short regular meals at equal intervals.
– Manage stress and depression.
– Eating fresh fruits is a much better way to give in to our sweet tooth.

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