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How does ozone therapy activates cellular metabolism and modulates immune system?

Red blood cells are the mot abundant cells in the blood.They are ozone’s favorite target. To protect itself from oxidants from ozone, a powerful anti-oxidant enzyme system is stimulated in red blood cells. To support the increased functioning of this anti-oxidant defense system, glucose is metabolized. This causes increase in glucose uptake and decrease in blood glucose level. It is beneficial in diabetes mellitus. Increase in glucose metabolism in RBC leads to increase in a compound causing more release of oxygen at tissue level. Ozone increases glucose metabolism and production of high energy compounds. This energy is used to improve the elasticity of the RBC cell membrane. Thus, greatly improving circulation in microangiopathies. Increase production of high energy compounds following ozone therapy is responsible for rejuvenation and energetic feeling. It is an excellent therapy for not only old people but also for over-stressed, tired young people.

Ozone stimulates pro-inflammatory as well as anti-inflammatory lymphocytes in a very controlled fashion. Thus maintaining immune system in an alert state, without any imbalance between activation and suppression. After ozone therapy, activated lymphocytes home in several organs. Activated lymphocytes, in lymphoid tissues and parenchymal micro-environment, stimulate entire immune system. This is very useful in fighting chronic infections and cancer. ozone induces production of PDGF, TGF-beta which helps in healing and repairs. This property is useful in treatment of chronic ulcers, bed sores, non healing wounds, burns etc. Ozone when comes in contact with inner lining of vessels produces nitric oxide which causes relaxation of vessel walls, effecting dilatation of vessels and improving circulation. Stoppage of ozone therapy does not cause abrupt cessation in improvement which persists for 3-4 months corresponding to RBC life span. Therefore, ozone therapy is repeated twice or thrice a year to treat chronic conditions. In general, its biological properties are:
– wide spectrum germicidal properties.
– improves oxygen metabolism.
– regulates oxidative stress.
– improves RBC rheology and micro-circulation.
– stimulates immunity.
– promotes healing.

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