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Characteristics of Inner Relationship Focusing Therapy…

Inner relationship focusing goes beyond “getting in touch with your feelings” and is said to enable those who who use it to forge a totally different kind of relationship with their emotions. Through this process, you become your best listener. The goal is not to solve your problems or challenge your emotions but to allow forward moving change to happen on its own through inner listening and sensing. Inner relationship focusing typically starts with an individual session. Ultimately, with these sessions, you learn to do inner relationship focusing by yourself.

– Fist session introduces you to inner relationship focusing process, what it feels like and how to apply it.
– It begins with discovering “felt sense” which means a body sensation in response to an emotion or situation.
– Next, attention is paid on these felt senses, observe it , get curious about it and refrain from making judgements.
– Through this acknowledgement and acceptance, you allow your felt sense to become whatever it needs to be.
– This process can lead to pathways of growth as you gain access to information about yourself that has otherwise been beyond your awareness.
Inner relationship focusing therapy is most often used for personal growth and understanding, pain management, stress relief, depression, weight loss, smoking cessation, addictions and enhancing creativity.

The option to pick and choose among alternative, complimentary and conventional treatments provide great opportunities to maintain health and well-being. Consider the options carefully. When choosing any practice, follow these steps:
– Gather all the information that is necessary about the therapy that you intend to use. Educate yourself about the therapy. Talk to people who have used it. Ask your doctor. Gather information about the therapy from Internet.
– Consider the cost and find out exactly how much the therapy will cost you. Many therapies are not covered under health insurance.
– Be an open minded skeptic and stay open to various treatments but evaluate them carefully.
– Check credentials when considering a practitioner of that particular therapy. Make sure the person is from a reputed organization and has adequate training and experience.

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