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Some strategies to power up your ability to recall and retain important stuff.


Sleeping is a great way to improve memory performance. it improves the brain’s ability to take in and remember new information. Sleep plays an important and key role in the consolidation of information in a long-term memory storage as well, so that information can be retrieved later on.


Both are loaded with magnesium, a mineral that helps regulate a key brain receptor important for learning and memory. Beans and greens shows significant gains in short and long term memory, working memory, and ability to learn. The magnesium supplement increases and strengthens the connections among brain cells. Get your daily allowance of magnesium naturally from dark green leafy vegetables, legumes and whole grains.


moving your eyes from left to right for approximately 30 seconds before learning information can improve recall by 10 percent. Although the underlying reason for improved memory following side-to-side eye movements is unknown, some believe the horizontal movement strengthens memory by engaging both the right and left brain hemispheres in memory tasks.


Lack of attention and failure to concentrate are important reasons for forgetfulness. Increase the focus by taking a deep breath and spending a few moments concentrating on remembering the spot, looking carefully at the surroundings, and perhaps repeating details about the location out loud.


To improve your ability to remember to do something in the future, visualize yourself doing the task you want to remember. It is easier to remember if people imagine something rather than people who had repeatedly recited along the instructions.


A stimulating environment – rich in novelty, color, sounds, activities, and sensations challenges the brain keeps it sharp and helps keeping memory function strong. Surround yourself with old friends and make new friends; listen to music; hang beautiful pictures on walls; read up on the latest developments; get a massage; enjoy exotic new types of food; or take up a new hobby.

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