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Osteoarthritis(OA): a de-generative joint disorder – Best way to deal with it is MOVE ON…

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disorder. It is a chronic disorder. There is no well established way to cure it. Rest makes arthritic joints feel better, but in the long run, exercise is better. Exercise, combined with a diet that is low in fats, rich in good carbohydrates, can help you to lose weight, to reduce stress on weight bearing joints and limit further injury.
– Walking is the best way to keep joints i.e. from the ankles to the shoulders from seizing up. The more you can walk, but do wear insoles or cushioned shoes to redistribute weight and reduce joint stress.
– Aerobic conditioning if it does not hurt too much is good. Any exercise that does not put pounding pressure on the joints can help build muscle and keep ligaments and tendons strong and flexible enough to give the joints the support that they need.
– Elliptical trainer and cycling are good exercise options.
– Recumbent bicycle and rowing machines takes the burden off such susceptible joints as knees and hips.
– Swimming and water workouts will help you move stiff joints without gravity’s weight bearing pressure.
– Stretching is necessary to move joints through complete range of motion.
– Yoga is a good thing to do.
– Resistance training keeps muscles strong, often taking the pressure off joints.

Few things that you can do to prevent osteoarthritis are:
– keep moving.
– get nutritious balanced meals.
– stay slim.
– build muscle.
– change positions while writing or doing hand work.
– recline in right direction.

If pain persists and it is interfering into daily life, do consult a reputed orthopedic surgeon an accordingly adopt one of the following:
– Arthroscopy: Dying cartilage can be cleared and rough joint connections can be smoothed out.
– Bone Fusion: Fusing ones together with pins or plates can eliminate the pain.
– Joint Replacement: Bones in the joint are damaged beyond repair, a substitute joint can be fashioned from metal alloys, high density plastics .
– Tissue repair or osteotomy: Failing joints can cause surrounding muscle, ligaments and tendons to reattach or repair them. This is done without cutting the muscle ensuring future recovery and less damage.
– Cartilage Cell Replacement: New cells are injected into the joint.

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