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Strategies against a stiff neck or The Cervical Spine and The Lumbar Spine

Cervical spine is the most flexible part of the human body.
– Treatments include heat therapy like hot baths, hot water bottles and medication like painkillers and sedatives as well as medicines to reduce swelling. This provides short term relief. The compression can also be removed by stretching the cervical spine. Massages and gentle extension man oeuvres are also effective. Acupuncture is also recommended.
– The neck can be protected from injury with exercises that strengthen the cervical muscles like backstroke swimming, frequent breaks during desk work and a healthy sleeping posture.
– Injections help when pain is acute, irritated nerve roots are tranquilized by anesthetics and inflammations are reduced with steroidal saline solutions. The needle should be properly inserted as any kind of mistake can lead to injuries.

Signs of wear and tear in lumbar region are among the most serious occupational damages in the skeletal system.
– Treatment includes early attrition in which the inter vertebral discs in an infant are supplied with nutrients through blood vessels. Later, the supply lines are lost through strain of learning how to walk. From now on, the inter vertebral disc must support itself through osmosis.
– In the region of lower spine, neural strands emerge from inter vertebral foramina which supply the pelvis and legs. If the cross-section of these foramina is reduced, it becomes a tight squeeze. Disc related ailments are often treated through a process of trial and error – non surgically with immobilization or gymnastics medicinally with local painkillers like procain injections or cortisone.. An open operation in which entire disc is removed is largely avoided. The standard procedure is a micro-operation, during which surgeons introduce instruments and lights through a narrow speculum, monitor the procedure with the help of microscope and remove surplus disc tissue.
– Initially, severe pain should be tackled promptly and decisively in order to regain mobility quickly.
– A systematic strengthening of the musculature in the torso, correct nutrition and ergonomic workplace design can prevent slipped disc problems.

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