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Preventing pelvis or hip joint from brittleness…

Osteoporosis occurs when disintegration of bone cells takes place more quickly than the formation of new ones. This bone loss does not lead to any symptoms for a long time, and is only noticed when some kind of fracture happens. The pelvic girdle forms a stable base where the upper and lower body meet and the most powerful muscle groups and the strongest bones are located.

Bone substance is built and destroyed during lifetime. Two-third of our bones are composed of mineral salts, calcium being most important. It is integrated in the bone tissue with the help of Vitamin D which is obtained through sunlight and some foods. Bone mass constantly increases until the age of 35. Later, it reduces by about 1.5 percent per year. Bone substance is disintegrated when parathyroid hormone prompts the osteoclasts to remove calcium from bones and release it in blood. Oestrogen in women and testosterone in men play an important role in the metabolism of bones.
Hormone deficiencies, diet, hyperthyroidism, lack of exercise, and taking medication containing cortisone over a long period of time can harm the bones.
Bone densitometry is done to diagnose osteoporosis. The radiologist determines the mineral content in the thigh bone or lumbar spine in grams per cubic centimeter. The treatment is primarily with calcium and vitamin D tablets and the administration of calcitonin and sodium fluoride. Earlier, hormone replacement therapy for oestrogen was recommended for women during menopause but recently this method was not in practice as it increases the risk of breast cancer.
– Strategies for preventing osteoporosis include plenty of sunshine and fresh air to boost body’s vitamin D and avoiding alcohol, nicotine and caffeine to prevent calcium depletion.
– A balanced diet rich in calcium and muscle training are recommended.

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