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What are causes, symptoms and different ways of reducing swelling in hands and feet?

Swelling is a build up of fluid in the body in the small spaces that surround the body tissues and organs. It can affect any part of the body. Common areas are lower legs or hands, abdomen and chest. Causes include such as injury, infection, pregnancy, obesity, allergies, various medications, sodium retention will cause the swelling. Hormone therapy and Poor nutrition in your feet will cause swelling. Blockage of veins or lymph system and malnutrition can also cause swelling. Immobility or prolonged standing and sprains can also cause swelling. Other causes could be arthritis, blood disorders, or any heart disease.

Symptoms of swelling involve:
– Larger feet and lower legs when you sit idle or walk.
– Is there an indentation that stays for a few seconds when you press the swelled part.
– Tightness in the area of swelling.
– Rings get tight.
– Abdomen also swells up.
– Shortness of breath.
– Unexplained weight gain or nausea.

Things that you can do to reduce swelling are:
– Drink lots of water as it removes the toxic materials from the body.
– Do not stand for a long time.
– Elevate your feet as often as possible.
– If swelling occurs during an activity, the patient should stop and rest the wrist or hand.
– Apply cold pack on the affected area.
– Reduce the salt intake when swelling occurs.
– Stretching and strength exercises that move the muscles of the hand and wrist can help to return the excess fluid to the heart.
– Massage to increase blood circulation.
– Eat a well-balanced, nutritional diet. Consume lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.
– Wear pressure socks that provide support.
– Avoid alcohol as it adversely affects the fluid retention in the body.
– As soon as you get up with swollen hands in the morning, and start panicking right away. The moment you realize your hands are swollen, start performing hand stretches, and clench your fingers.

There are many herbal remedies available that can help reduce swelling, which is caused by water retention. Although an over-the-counter diuretic can also be used, most herbal remedies offer more than just reducing fluids in the body. Some herbs include Dandelion Leaf, Green tea, Stinging Nettle, Yarrow.
Even though herbal products are natural, that doesn’t always mean they are safe. If pregnant, nursing, or taking prescription medication for high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes or any other chronic disease, talk to a doctor before trying an herbal diuretic.

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