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Is it always safe to take multi-vitamins as a regular part of your diet ?

In today’s fast paced world, getting your regular diet of nutrients can be a problem. We don’t have time to visit Doctors, we don’t often get the time to have got a good balanced diet on a regular basis, and we don’t get regular exercise. All of these together cause problems for the body, and as a result, a lot of people take their irregular health inputs, and think that popping some multi-vitamins will help them. These are available over the counter without the need to consult a Doctor, making these seem like just another candy that you eat on a regular basis. However, if you are already getting a balanced diet, then consuming additional vitamins is overkill for the body and can be harmful in many cases (refer following article):

In our quest to remain healthy and fit, most of us are ever eager to pop pills in order to ensure we’re getting sufficient vitamins and minerals. While they are extremely vital for the regular functioning of the body, very often people self-diagnose and randomly start taking multi-vitamin pills or other supplements without consulting a doctor. Yes, vitamin D may be required by those who don’t get adequate exposure to sunlight or iron supplements may be needed by women suffering from heavy menstrual cycles, but one cannot decide what one needs without taking tests. In fact, an overdose of vitamins can be harmful to the body.
“While water soluble vitamins such as the B group vitamins and vitamin C cannot be stored by the body to any great extent, and if taken in excess are simply excreted, the fat soluble vitamins A and D can accumulate in the body. They can be dangerous during pregnancy, when large amounts of vitamin A may pose a risk to the developing infant,” she adds. Before combining supplements, people should however, consult their doctor for advice. As our bodies age, they become less efficient at absorbing some of the nutrients from our diet making it important to ensure that the right quantities of relevant vitamins and minerals are consumed. On the other hand, we are also more prone to toxicity as even water-soluble vitamins are not excreted as much because of our less efficient kidneys.

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