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What are different health benefits of including clove in your daily diet?

Scientifically known as Eugenia aromatica, Clove is the dried bud of a flower of an evergreen tree. It grows mainly in the warmer climates. Cloves are known for their flavor, aroma and medicinal value probably one of the reasons why it finds a place in innumerable cuisines.
Clove oil is one of the most common form that is used apart from the dried buds that are popularly used as a spice. Cloves are rich in their nutritional value. The most important constituents being manganese, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and vitamin A, it also contains vitamin C and K. Apart from these, cloves are also known to have dietary fibers. Because of such a rich content of vitamins and minerals there are many health benefits of cloves. Some of the benefits are discussed below.

Clove oil has a chemical compound called Eugenol. This chemical compound is found to be anti fungal and anti bacterial in nature. Apart from the cost effectiveness, being a natural fungicide it does not have the usual side effects that are common with synthetic drugs or fungicides.

Cloves have been used since ages as a household remedy for toothache. Eugenol and beta caryophyllene are two major components of clove oil, these two components are known for their analgesic property because of which it is popularly used in dentistry as a local anesthetic.
Eugenol is known not only for its anesthetic property but it is also known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties because of which it is popularly used the drugs and dental fillings.

Oral health
The anti bacterial property of clove helps in maintaining oral health. It can be taken directly or diluted in water and gargled to remove bad breath or treat sore gums or mouth ulcers.

Recent studies have also indicated that a daily intake of cloves can actually increase the insulin activity by almost 3 times thus maintaining blood sugar levels. Making cloves a part of the daily diet can help in delaying the onset of diabetes.

Cloves have been used since ages as an aphrodisiac. It is now proven through research that cloves do indeed enhance the sexual behavior in males. Research shows that cloves can be used for the treatment of premature ejaculation as well.

Mosquito repellent
Clove oil can be used as a mosquito repellent. Being very strong, clove oil if used on the skin should be used in dilution as it may lead to burning sensation. As a mosquito repellant it stays active for about 4 to 5 hours.

Respiratory health
Cloves have been found to possess the potential to prevent lung cancer. Further research is being conducted to support this discovery. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties and cooling effect clove is popularly used in the treatment of coughs and cold. Gargling or chewing clove can help ease sore throat. Clove is also used in other respiratory disorders like bronchitis, tuberculosis, asthma and sinusitis.

Blood circulation
Another health benefit of clove is that it helps in increasing blood circulation, which allows proper flow of nutrients and oxygen which, in turn, helps in the increase of body metabolism. Eugenol the extract from clove oil is also found to inhibit clotting of blood which helps in maintaining cardiovascular health.

This spice though originally used by the Indians and the Chinese has spread throughout the world because of the pleasant aroma and flavor that it can impart to the food. It not only finds a place in many cuisines of the world but because of all the health benefits of clove it is now one of the most valued spices.

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  • how do I use cloves in my deiting can i let it sit on a glass of hot water and drink it I really do not understand how effective it is in dieting or how to use it.

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