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How does an image reaches your brain through your eye? What are age related eye problems?

Eyes are far superior to any existing technology because they are made of living tissues. Eyes move and function together in perfect synchronization. Each eyeball makes many rapid adjustments for brightness, focus and internal pressure. The journey of an image to your brain includes five steps:

– Light passes through your cornea.
– Light is directed through your pupil.
– The crystalline lens fine tunes the focus.
– The retina transforms light into electrical impulses.
– The brain “sees” the image.

Some eye problems become common as age increases. There are variety of measures one can take to minimize or even prevent the effects of eye conditions including:
– Presbyopia
It is also called near vision. Wearing corrective eyeglasses is the simplest way to manage presbyopia. Prescription eyeglasses also are a relatively simple way to correct for presbyopia. Another option is to wear bifocal contact lenses or wear a different strength of contact lengths on each eye. Multi-focal intracular lens implants – plastic lenses that are surgically placed inside the eyes may be another option.

– Dry Eyes
Tears are an essential lubricant for eyes and are produced by glands in and around eyelids. Sometimes, tear production and tear quality decreases with age causing dry eyes. Dry eyes make your eyes feel hot and gritty and appear irritated but they seldom cause eye damage. Dry eyes can be treated by using non prescription, preservative free artificial tear solutions, applying ointments that moisten and protect the cornea for longer intervals that can artificial tears alone. Another option is blocking the ducts with tiny removable silicone or gel like plugs, using prescribed eye drops to increase production of tears.

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