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What are eye disorders related to age? Continued…

Some eye problems become common as age increases. There are variety of measures one can take to minimize or even prevent the effects of eye conditions including:

– Cataracts
A cataract is a clouding of the lens in your eye. As your age increases, the eye lens becomes stiffer, thicker and less transparent. Protein fibers in the lens break down and clump together and start to take on a whitish or yellow-brown color. The resulting cloudiness changes the refractive ability of the lens so that the light entering you eye is scattered and the lens cannot project a sharp and focused image.
Early stage will need a new eye glass prescription or a magnifying class to increase sharpness, ultraviolet protection sunglasses and headgear to decrease glare.
Mono-focal lenses are the most commonly implanted lenses and they have one power.
Multi-focal intraocualar lens implants function similarly to bifocal eyeglasses.
Cataract surgery leads to improve vision in about 90 percent of people. Risks included are inflammation, bleeding, swelling, retinal detachment, increased pressure inside eye and lens dislocation.

– Glaucoma
It is a group or eye diseases characterized by damage to the optic nerve which is a bundle of more than a million nerve fibers at the back of your eye. The optic nerve sends electrical impulses to your brain which interrupts the impulses as images. The main cause in damaging the optic nerve is the high pressure inside the eye ball. The most common form of glaucoma called open-angle glaucoma develops so gradually that you may not notice until you begin to lose your peripheral vision.
Visit your eye doctor regularly. Glaucoma can be controlled but no cured. Good thing is the eyesight can be preserved. The main goal of treatment is to reduce the pressure in eyeballs. Prescribed eye drops are the first step of treatment to lower the pressure. If these do not work, surgical procedures are available.
One method of surgery, laser trabeculoplasty uses a laser to help open up your eyes drainage system so that fluid drains out more easily.

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