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If chronic constipation is your is a solution.Some myths and facts about constipation.

Virtually everyone has dealt with an occasional bout of constipation. Sometimes, short term use of laxative such as milk of magnesia may be needed to get things moving. Some simple tips can be eating adequate fiber, avoiding dehydration and heeding the call of nature may be enough to help keep you on track after your constipation passes. But it is not always like this…For some people constipation is a complex and persistent problem requiring individualized treatment from a doctor.

– It is not correct to think that if you are not having a bowel movement every day, you are constipated. Constipation is a symptom that is generally defined as infrequent or difficult passage of stool. Normal frequency of bowel movements in healthy adults can range from three bowel movements a day to three a week. Signs and symptoms of constipation also include straining, passing lumpy or hard stools, a sensation of incomplete evacuation or a sensation of blockage.

– The myth that the body absorbs toxins from stool if someone is constipated for too long. Some people unnecessarily take laxatives and others try colon cleansing to remove supposed toxins. These habits are not actually helpful and may actually be harmful.

– It is not always that constipation occurs when you don not eat a healthy diet. Actually, a low fiber diet may contribute to constipation. Other causes may be:
=> constipation occurs as a complication of another disease or condition or as a side effect of a drug or supplement.
=> pelvic floor dysfunction in women which is lack of coordination of the complex muscular actions that allow you to have bowel movement.

– It is wrong to say that diagnosis of constipation does not require much more than a description of bowel habits. It can be a part of your diagnostic procedure. The doctor may also perform, a physical exam, discuss medication, x-rays, blood, urine and stool test.

– It is a wrong assumption that the doctor should not prescribe a laxative for long term use. Doctor can prescribe laxative for some form of chronic constipation. Side effects with long term use of laxative may occur so it should only be done under the supervision of doctor. If laxatives are important, doctor first prescribes osmotic laxatives like milk of magnesia, polyethylene glcol or sorbitol. Stimulant laxatives are used when osmotic laxatives are not effective.

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