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Tips for healthy living…Also, bad posture can result to back and neck pain.

Resolve to keep happy and joyous and difficulties will run away from you. Enjoy the journey, enjoy every moment and quit worrying. Tips for healthy living are:

– Drink a pint of water first thing in the morning.
– Eat fresh fruits on your way out in the morning.
– Exercise.
– Drink herbal tea or just simple tea without sugar and milk.
– Eat a handful of nuts.
– Drink fresh juice.
To build up physical endurance:
– Do some cardio training
– Get into some vigorous sweeping, mopping or vacuuming as they burn a significant number of calories.
– Take the stairs instead of elevator.
– Do yoga.
– In sedentary job, take your breaks outdoors and have a brisk and short walk. Concentration and mood is also improved.
– Dance or do aerobics at home.

As one sits in front of the desktop screen or lie in bed working on laptop, you develop the risk of nagging pain in the shoulder. Back and neck pain is a result of prolonged sitting at work.
Problems faced are:
– Back and neck muscle spasm and pain.
– Back and neck soft tissue inflammation.
– Back, neck and shoulder pain on movement and involvement of other muscles.

Bad posture can cause headaches, excessive tension in neck area, chests, shoulders, arms and forearms, back, hips, thighs and legs. From back and neck pain, you can develop pain and numbness in the fingers, wrists or arms.
Good posture is very necessary:
-Fingers should be kept as straight as possible.
– Elbows should be resting at 90-100 degrees.
– Keys on left side of keyboard should be used by left hand. Right hand should not be forced.

Not doing so, can result into:
– wrist pain that moves up to elbow.
– swelling of wrists, numbness and lack of power.
– stiffness of arms and wrists.
– surgery

Things that can be done:
– use an ergonomic office chair with lumbar support.
– adjust the height of the chair so that upper thighs are parallel to floor. Back should be supported and angeled at 120 degree to keep spondylitis away.

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