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What are different health benefits of red pepper corns?

The scientific name of this plant is Piper nigrum. This form of pepper is found in different forms, depending on the various stages at which this berry is harvested. Red pepper is a rare form of pepper; it is harvested with a part of the vine on which it is allowed to ripen completely. This form of pepper is sweet as compared to the spicy and pungent black pepper. It is particularly favored by people who are not accustomed to more spice.

The red pepper corns, though not very pungent, are rich with the same nutrients as the black and white forms of this berry. This berry is rich in various minerals and vitamins, which makes it indispensable to a healthy diet. The various essential oils, which give it the specific peppery aroma, help in fighting various diseases. Some of the major health benefits of red pepper corns are discussed below.

Apart from adding flavor and aroma to the food that we eat, pepper helps in increasing the digestive and absorption capacity. It is found that pepper enhances the absorption and assimilation of vitamins A and B as well as of the mineral selenium, which is vital for calcium usage in the body.

Pepper is known to possess anti-inflammatory properties. This is the reason why it is highly recommended to people who suffer from inflammatory conditions like arthritis, headaches and stiffness in joints. Consuming peppered tea can help in treating throat infection and influenza.

Cardiovascular health
Pepper is rich in its content of potassium, which is a vital element required in maintaining the levels of cellular fluid and other fluid levels in the body. Potassium also helps in controlling the heart rate, which in turn helps in maintaining the blood pressure in the body. Hence, a daily consumption of pepper can help you have a healthy heart.

Hemoglobin is the red part of the blood, which has the oxygen binding capacity. The oxygen binding property of hemoglobin is due to the presence of iron molecules in it. A deficiency of iron can lead to a decrease in the metabolic activities in the body due to the lack of oxygen. Pepper is rich in iron and a daily consumption of this berry can help in building the iron content in the blood in addition, avoid conditions like anemia.

Pepper is rich in vitamin A and C both of which are very good anti oxidants. The anti oxidants are known to clear the body off any free radicals, which are produced in the body. These free radicals are cancerous and initiate degeneration of cells. Thus, the anti oxidants not only avoid cancer but also help in slowing the aging process. Apart from these Vitamins, pepper also contains Manganese, which helps as a co factor to the free radical removing enzyme superoxide dismutase.

Pepper is also known for its anti bacterial properties. Because of these two properties, pepper is extensively used in dentistry as an anti septic. You can use it to gargle to cure any oral or throat infections.
Various other diseases and disorders are said to be curable by the use of pepper, with all of these effects of pepper being based on clinical experiences. They do not have scientific proof to support them. Researches are being carried on to explore the impacts of this age-old spice. Its’ intake is definitely advantageous but in moderation only.

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