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What are different health benefits of including celery seeds in your diet?

Celery seeds, scientifically known as Apium graveolens are primarily used as a seasoning. Celery seeds have been used since ancient times due to its medicinal value. These seeds are a good source of flavonoids, coumarins and omega 3fatty acid. Celery seeds are also known to contain minerals like calcium, iron, boron chlorine, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese potassium, selenium, zinc, sulfur and vital vitamins like B, A, C, E and K. All of these compounds contribute significantly to the health benefits of celery seeds, the main reason why this seed has gained a lot of medical attention and is under active research. Some of the important health benefits are discussed below.

A form of arthritis, gout, is caused due to the deposition of uric acid in the joints. Studies have shown that celery seeds can help in reducing the deposit of uric acid in the body thus helping in preventing this painful health condition. Apart from this, celery also has anti inflammatory compounds which help in relieving the pain associated with gout.

Cardiovascular health
Apigenin is a flavonoids present in celery seeds. Apart from being an effective anti oxidant, apigenin has shown to relax the coronary blood vessels allowing it to widen and permit an unobstructed flow of blood thus lowering blood pressure. Recent studies have also indicated that celery seeds can help lower the cholesterol level in the blood.

Anti microbial
Celery also possesses anti microbial properties which helps in removal of parasites from the intestine and maintain a good digestive system.

Celery seeds are also diuretic in nature allowing the excretion of water along with toxic compounds from the body. This seed is highly recommended in patients suffering from diabetes and hypertension which may lead to water retention in the body.

Anti carcinogenic
The various flavonoids present in celery seeds helps in avoiding the growth and spread of cancerous cells. Flavonoids act as anti oxidants and help in clearing the body of the harmful free radicals which may otherwise lead to the growth of cancerous cells. The phytochemicals along with the presence of coumarins help in preventing colon and stomach cancer.

Weight management
Drinking celery juice may help in reducing the craving for food thus helping in weight management. Apart from these antioxidants called coumarins, celery also has phenolic compounds which block the prostaglandins that facilitate growth of tumor forming cells.

Celery seeds are also known to help in acidity and curbing flatulence. The minerals present in this seed helps in maintaining the pH balance of the blood.

Gynecological health
This seed is known to help in regularizing the menstrual cycle in women. It leads to uterine contraction which helps in the menstrual flow. The anti spasmodic effect of celery help in reducing abdominal cramps experienced during menses.

All these health benefits of celery seeds are yet to be proven scientifically as they are all based on clinical experience rather than experiments. However, they have been since ages used as a meditative food product and it has shown effective results.

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