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What are different health benefits of including oregano in daily diet?

Oregano is a Mediterranean herb with purple flowers, which grows up to a height of about two feet. The name oregano comes from the Greek word oreganos meaning “joy of the mountains.” This herb is used in various recipes as well as in the treatment of various ailments. There are two types of Oregano that are commonly used, Origanum marjorum for cooking and Origanum vulgare for oil.
There are many health benefits of oregano, primarily because of its antimicrobial properties. The two important compounds, which contribute towards this property of oregano, are thymol and carvacrol apart from Linalyl Acetate, Cymene, Pinene, Bisabolene, Caryophyllene, Linalool, Geranyl Acetate, Borneol, and Terpinene.
The health benefits of oregano are numerous. Oregano leaves, either raw or dried can be used in food directly for flavor, the oil extracts of the herb can be used externally or internally in small amounts as well to treat various ailments. Some of the health benefits of oregano are listed below.

Used as Preservative.
Due to it anti-microbial properties addition of oregano in small quantities to food can help delay the process of fermentation, thus retaining the taste and nutrients in the food for a much longer period.

Oregano has strong antioxidant properties which help to remove the harmful free radicals from the body which otherwise could cause cancer. Consuming oregano also help to delay the aging process because of its antioxidant property as it helps overcome the wear and tear or degeneration in the cells.

Enhancing body immunity
Another major health benefit of Oregano is that it has very high antimicrobial properties because of which consumption of oregano can help ward off various viral, bacterial, and fungal infections like mumps measles, typhoid, and cholera etcetera. The anti fungal property of oregano helps fight any fungal infection if applied on the affected area externally.

Oregano helps in digestion of food by helping in the secretion of digestive juices. Hence, addition of oregano in food not only enhances flavor but also enhances its digestion and assimilation.

One of the many health benefits of oregano to women is that it helps in correcting any menstrual defects and it also delays the arrival of menopause.

Oregano is known to have sedative and anti-inflammatory properties, and can be used as a mild painkiller. Oregano can be taken in the form of tea to get relief from any body pains or aches. Oregano oil can also be applied externally to get relief from inflammation. Because of the anti inflammatory property of oregano it can also be used as a mild anti allergen to overcome the hypersensitivity caused due to any allergic reaction.

Anti parasitic
There are many parasites that reside inside the human body and derive nourishment from it. These parasites in the long run create health problems and in serious cases may even lead to death a common example being that of tape worms. Ingestion of oregano helps in fighting against these parasites and avoiding any communicable disease that could be caused by these parasites. The phenol content in oregano helps to get rid of the external parasites as well.

Oregano has a high content of minerals and vitamins when fresh. Oregano also contains omega-3 fatty acids or PUFA which is an essential fatty acid required by the body. Omega-3 fatty acids help in reducing possibilities of heart diseases.

Respiratory health
The volatile oils of oregano help in relieving sinus and lung congestion. Oregano tea is usually advised to treat influenza; bronchitis, asthma and fever. It helps maintain the respiratory health.

This herb also helps in fighting other disease like giardia and ecoli infection. Oregano also helps in healing athlete’s foot, Psoriasis, eczema, and other infectious diseases. Although Oregano originally was grown in the Mediterranean region, it is widely grown and consumed now due to the many health benefits that it presents.

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