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What are different health benefits of including parsley in your diet?

Parsley also called as rock celery is scientifically known as Petroselinum Crispum. Parsley grows in most climate and seasons of the year. This herb is well known for its disease fighting capabilities, probably, one reason as to why parsley is so widely used in a variety of cuisines.
Parsley is highly nutritious because of which there are a whole lot of health benefits associated with this herb. This herb is rich in vitamin A, B and C and has a rich reservoir of volatile oils and falvonoids that impart the nutritive property to parsley. Some of these health benefits are discussed below.

Parsley is rich in vitamin A content. Vitamin acts as an active antioxidant getting rid of the highly toxic free radicals from the body that are produced during the various metabolic activities of the body. These free radicals if not removed from the body can initiate a cascaded of harmful reactions in the body leading to cancer as well. Apart from the vitamin A, vitamin C and falvonoids in parsley, also significantly help in clearing the body off these harmful free radicals.

Anti carcinogenic
Free radicals in the body can lead to the initiation and progression of cancer. Vitamin C and vitamin A works to reduce the risk of cancer in the body by checking the development of cancer cells and the cancer causing free radicals. Another compound present in parsley is folic acid. Folic acid is vital for the cell division hence its presence is important to avoid uncontrolled division of cells which may lead to cancerous growth.

Anti inflammatory
Parsley is also recommended to people suffering from osteo and rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. Vitamin C present in abundance in the herb acts as an active anti inflammatory agent which helps in reducing the pain associated with such conditions.

Cardiovascular health
Homocysteine is a very harmful compound which is produced during the metabolic activities in the body. This compound can inversely affect the blood vessels and at higher concentration can also lead to strokes. Folic acid in parsley helps to neutralize this harmful compound into harmless molecules there by reducing the risk of heart attacks or any related cardiovascular disorders.

Parsley helps in strengthening the body immunity against diseases. Vitamin C which is one of the vital nutrients helps the body fight against infections like influenza. Deficiency of vitamins C can also lead to conditions like scurvy. Moreover the volatile oils found in parsley particularly Myristicin has shown to be inhibiting the formation of tumor in the

Apart from all the above health benefits of parsley, recent studies have shown that this herb acts as a natural diuretic by increasing the kidneys’ ability to excrete water and sodium. Hence this herb is highly recommended to people suffering from diabetes or hypertension both of which conditions may lead to water retention in the body.

Another health benefit of Parsley is that it helps immensely in the digestion of more complex food material like proteins and fats allowing a faster digestion and assimilation. Parsley is in fact highly recommended in diarrhea. Consuming parsley in the form of tea can highly benefit a person having digestive disorders.

There are many more health benefits of parsley which make it a must in our daily diet. Excessive intake of any substance is of course harmful, in moderation this herb can do wonders for our overall health.

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