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What are different health benefits of white pepper corns?

White pepper, scientifically known as Piper nigrum, is a milder version of the strong back pepper. It is derived from same pepper corns. The only variation is that once the pepper berries in this case is ripened and then it is soaked in water to remove the hulls.
The white pepper corns are not as pungent and strong as the black pepper. However, it has the same nutrition value. White pepper is rich in minerals and vitamins. It also contains some amount of fats in the form of essential oil and has dietary fibers as well. This high nutritive content is the reason why there are various health benefits of white pepper to the body. Some of these are discussed below.

Anti inflammatory
The white peppercorns are used as an anti inflammatory agent. It has a property that it causes numbness in a mild way which helps in reducing pain, this is the main reason pepper is so popularly used to treat throat infection, influenza, arthritis and stiffness in joints.

Pepper when added to food helps in its easy digestion and assimilation. Certain food components like vitamin A and B and minerals like selenium cannot be easily absorbed. However, presence of pepper allows easy absorption of these essential nutrients in the body. Pepper is also known to help in the treatment of gas or flatulence.

Cardiovascular health
Potassium is a mineral which is very abundantly found in pepper. This mineral helps in maintaining fluid level in the cells as well as in maintaining the heart rate and blood pressure levels in the body.

Another very important health benefit of white pepper is the presence of iron. Iron is the oxygen binding factor in the hemoglobin part of the blood. A deficiency in hemoglobin may lead to a decrease in the oxygen binding capacity of the blood leading to weakness and breathlessness.

Anti oxidant
White pepper is rich in vitamin C and A, both of which are active antioxidants. These anti oxidants helps in removing the free radicals produced in the body during various metabolic activities. These free radicals cause harmful reactions in the body which may lead to cell damage and cancer. Anti oxidants also help in reducing cell damage thus slowing the aging process, Manganese is another mineral found in pepper this is a cofactor of the free radical removing enzyme superoxide dismutase hence, an ample supply of these anti oxidants to the body can help significantly.

Anti septic
Pepper is anti microbial in nature. It can help in getting rid of the intestinal parasites like round worm and tape worms. It has an anti bacterial property as well which help in avoiding bacterial infections. Due to its added property of being anti inflammatory in nature it is used in dentistry to treat tooth decay or any other oral infections.

There are various other health benefits of white peppercorns, it can be used to treat sinusitis. It helps in drying the mucus and prevent the formation and accumulation of further mucus. It is suggested in the treatment of gonorrhea, dysentery, flu, diabetes, diarrhea, mental exhaustion etcetera. However, all of these claims do not have scientific proofs and are based only on clinical experiences.

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