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Boron which helps in tumor, cysts. Copper which converts iron into haemoglobin

Boron is considered to be an essential mineral that is used by the plants. Boron is not found alone, it is always found in combination with other chemicals. It is considered to be a non-metallic element. It is absorbed through intestine and excreted in urine. The functions of boron in body include:
– regulate the use of calcium.
– regulate the use of phosphorous.
– regulate the use of magnesium.
– it controls growth of the cells.
– Growth abnormalities are prevented.
The deficiency of boron can result in tumors, cysts and abnormal growth. The main sources of boron are fruits, vegetables like carrots, apples, pears.

Many enzymes constitute of copper and found in combination with many proteins. Copper is absorbed at the duodenum level of intestine. When copper is in excess, it is excreted in bile. The main functions of copper are:
– it converts iron into hemoglobin.
– the growth of red blood cells is stimulated.
– essential mineral for vitamin C.
– part of digestive enzyme.
The deficiency of copper can cause:
– weakness.
– problems in digestion.
– problems in respiration.
– chronic diarrhea which later develops into anemia in infants.
Failure of copper absorption leads to:
– mental retardation
– failure to change hair that has become brittle.
– low concentration in plasma and liver.
– prevent arthritis.
– strengthens muscular system.
Some good sources of copper are molluscs and shellfish, betel leaves arecanuts and other nuts. The content of copper is more in soft water than hard water. Similarly, tap water has a higher copper content than the water in the reservoir, which in turn, is a better source of copper than stream water.
If copper is taken into excess, it can be poisonous and can cause severe vomiting and diarrhea with some abdominal pain.

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