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What is Asthma? What are its causes, symptoms, prevention measures and treatment?

Asthma is a problem in which there is an airways blockage and it is a lung disorder. Air is carried in and out of the lungs through tubes called airways. In asthma, the bronchial tubes are inflammed which causes swelling and the air pathways are narrowed which in turn causes breathing problems. Asthma can be severe. In severe asthma attacks, the airways are narrowed to such an extent that vital organs do not gt enough oxygen. Asthma can cause death if not prevented on time. Asthma can be categorized into allergic asthma and asthma induced due to exercise. Asthma attack can last for few hours or few days.

– Allergic to pollen.
– Allergic to dust.
– Climate change.
– Respiratory infections.
– Too much stress.
– Allergic to tobacco.
– Hereditary.
– Exposure to airborne allergens.
– Exposure to some viral infections in childhood.
– Paints.
– Animal fur.

– Problem in breathing.
– Wheeziness.
– Cough.
– Chest tightness.
– Swelling.
– Breath shortness.
– Asthma attack can get worse in morning and night.
– Asthma attack gets worse with exercise.
– Skin between the ribs is pulled while breathing.
– In case of emergency, bluish color appears on lips and face, pulse increases rapidly, state of confusion, severe anxiety, sweating, abnormal breathing pattern, chest pain.

– Identify the allergens that exist indoors and try to avoid them.
– Avoid environmental tobacco smoke.
– Avoid dust mites.
– Allergens from pets, cockroaches and other pests should be avoided.
– Pollen season depends on where you live. Be extra careful in pollen season.
– Avoid certain foods like fish, egg, peanuts, soy, wheat that can prove allergic.

Diagnosis of asthma includes checking the physical history, blood tests, chest x-ray, lungs test, allergy test. Asthma is treated with two kinds of medicines: quick-relief medicines to stop asthma symptoms and long-term control medicines to prevent symptoms. It is treated in three ways:
– Monitoring the symptoms of asthma.
– How to avoid the triggers to cause asthma.
– Treatment with medications.
– Visit the doctor.

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