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What are different tips to keep a healthy liver?

After brain, liver is the next important organ in our body. Liver is responsible for many vital functions like detoxifying our bodies by breaking down chemicals, helps in digestion and metabolism, regulating production, storage and release of fats, sugar and cholesterol. One needs to be extra careful in keeping an healthy liver as it performs so many functions. Liver disease symptoms include fatigue, nausea, vomiting, pain in abdomen and jaundice.

A damaged liver cannot digest the fats it needs to absorb Vitamins A, D, E and K. A fatty liver is a disease that may lead to cirrhosis, liver failure and liver cancer.

To keep your liver healthy, one can keep in mind:
– Alcohol consumption should be controlled.
– Keep monitoring your weight. Obesity can lead to liver problems.
– A well balanced and an healthy diet should be followed.
– Stop smoking.
– Vaccination against Hepatitis B and C should be taken.
– Water intake should be increased.
– Sugar intake should be controlled.
– High salt or high fat content foods should be controlled.
– There are some foods that one is allergic to. Avoid eating those foods.
– Eat fresh food.
– Keep your intestines clean.
– Avoid eating when you are anxious or in stress.
– A more protein based diet should be followed.
– Get plenty of restful sleep.
– Maintain a healthy hygiene.
– Liver detoxification should be done.
– A safe sex should be practiced.
– Get tested for Hepatitis C if you have ever had a blood transfusion or organ transplant.
– Visit a liver specialist once in a year.
– Get regular health check ups.

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