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What is meant by Dropsy? What are its causes and symptoms? What are different home remedies used to treat dropsy?

Dropsy, also known as edema or oedema is an accumulation of excess fluid below the surface of the skin. It may be general or localized. Swelling can happen in any part of the body.
– In case of kidney disease, dropsy is noticed beneath eyes and face.
– In case of heart disease, swelling is noticed in lower parts of body such as ankles and is worse in evenings.
– In case of liver disease, swelling occurs in legs and abdomen.
– Inflammation
– Condition of the blood vessels.
– Fluid retention.
– People suffering with glaucoma are at a higher risk to retain excess fluid in the cornea.
– Hormonal factors.
– Pineapple contains chlorine which stimulated the activity of the kidneys and helps in removing waste products from body. It also relieves water logging condition in body.
– A decoction is made out from 30 gms of thick arjuna bark is mixed with 250ml of milk and should be taken every morning empty stomach.
– The herb Indian Squill has diuretic properties and increases secretion and discharge of urine.
– Black Nightshade can be taken as decoction or as a vegetable. Take a decoction twice made by boiling 30gms of black nightshade in half litre of water till reduced to one-third.
– Lime water is a very effective home remedy in the treatment of dropsy.
– Coconut water is one of the ways in which edema may be treated.
– Cut down the sodium content in your diet.
– Include fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily diet.
– Meals should have less of meats as well as refined sugars.
– Hot water bath should be taken daily.

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