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Ear ache – what are its causes and symptoms? What are home remedies used to treat earache?

Earache or pain in the ear is a very common disorder. The pain can be light or very strong.
Earache can be caused because of trapped moisture in the ear canal. It can also be caused due to some infection or pressure that is build up in middle ear. Earache can also occur because of bad cold or sore throat. The fluids build up in the Eustachian tubes which becomes infected and builds up in the back of the eardrum and puts pressure on the ear, therefore causing discomfort. Other reasons include swimming, bathing or using ear buds can lead to discomfort.

The symptoms of earache include:
– pain in the ear.
– swelling.
In case of middle ear infection:
– fever
– nausea
– vomiting
– diarrhea

– Crushed garlic warmed and mashed with pinch of salt is wrapped in a woolen cloth and placed on painful ear.
– Garlic oil is also a popular remedy for earache.
– Lukewarm juice of marigold leaves should be extracted and two to three drops of this juice should be applied to the affected ear.
– Two or three drops of juice of holy basil leaves should be put in the ear for relieving pain.
– Three to five drops of a clove sauted in a teaspoon of sesame oil is applied in the affected ear two to three times daily.
– Put some drops of hydrogen peroxide in the affected ear.
– Onion juice is also an effective remedy for ear ache.
– Smoking increases the risk of infection as it increases the dryness.
– Chewing gum will help in decreasing pressure in the ear.
– Vitamin C works on the infection by boosting your immunity.
– Another home remedy for ear ache is to apply moist and warm heat around the ear. Doing this is fairly simple, using a towel that has been soaked and then wrung out in hot water and then held against the ear that is aching.
– Another liquid that can be put in the ear for alleviating earache is by slightly warming a few drops of pure olive oil, wait for the olive oil to cool down, and then using a dropper to put a few drops of oil in the ear.

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