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What is Ayurveda Treatment? What are the benefits of ayurveda treatment?

Ayurveda comprises of two words i.e. Ayu means science and Veda means knowledge. Ayurveda does not believe in removing just the symptoms and creating some side-effects but it believes on curing the root cause of the disease so that it does not occur again and can give a permanent relief.

Ayurveda uses diet, medicine, routine, exercise, yoga, the taking of minerals, and many other cures. The human body consists of four basics:
– Dosha
The catabolic and anabolic metabolism are regulated by three principles of dosha known as vatta, pitta and kapha. The by product of digested foods is carried throughout the body by these three doshas.
– Dhatu
Dhatu provides basic nutrition to the body and helps in the growth and structure of brain.
– Mala
Stool, urine and sweat are the three main types of malas. Malas are the waste products of the body. It is essential to excrete waste products from the body to maintain good health.
– Agni
Agni is defined as various enzymes and all kinds of metabolic and digestive activities take place with the help of agni.

According to Ayurveda, a disease is caused when there is an imbalance of the three doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The duration to cure a disease through ayurveda depends upon how much chronic is the disease. The benefits of ayurveda includes:
– Ayurveda ensures physical and mental health.
– Ayurveda treatment is non-toxic and non invasive.
– Ayurveda treatments can be stress related, metabolic and chronic conditions.
– Ayurveda is mainly based on herbs, plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables and all vegetation.
– Ayurveda approach believes in deep rooted treatment.

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