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How can Ayurveda help to treat acne? What are causes and symptoms?

In Ayurveda, acne is called yauvan pidika. Acne is a common skin disorder. Increased sebum secretion is a common and a primary cause of acne. Ayurveda believes in the fact that person’s health is the reflexion of what the person eats and what kind of lifestyle one is leading. When it comes to skin diseases, diet plays a crucial role.
Increased ‘kapha and vata dosha’ and ‘rakta and meda dhatu ‘ are involved in causing this disease.

– excessive production of testosterone hormone.
– A person having constipation or ingestion has more chances of having yauvan pidika.
– Consuming unhealthy food and indigestion can lead to this disease.
– Impure blood is another cause for acne.
– consuming food when the previous food is not digested called adhyashana.
– consuming food that are incompatible called virudhashana.
– consuming food when you are not hungry called vishamashana.
– Vitamin A deficiency.
– menstrual problem in women.
– ‘kama’ or excessive sexual desires cause acne.

– Greasy skin.
– Black and white heads are present.
– Inflammation.
– Scarring may be there.
– Pus may be there in pimples.

According to Ayurveda, balancing doshas by adopting the modified diet and life styles.
– Avoid hot (ushna), spicy, oily, fried and pungent food.
– Paste of haridra and chandan should be applied on face.
– Drink enough water.
– Eat lots of fiber.
– Eat only when the earlier food is digested.
– Avoid mental tensions and stress.
– No pressing or pricking of acne.
– Avoid cold food.
– Eat compatible food.
– Expose your skin to fresh air and sunlight.
– Apply jamun seeds on acne.
– Massage whole face with juice of ripened and soft papaya.
– Massage face regularly with the herbal oil containing madhuka, laaksha, matulunga, etc.
– Apply a face pack containing masoora, kushta, kaaliyaka etc after every massage.
– Wash face with buttermilk.
– Rub orange peels on face.
– Paste of fenugreek seeds with water should be applied on the face.

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