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Diabetes – Is ayurveda the right choice to cure this disease?

Disclaimer: Diabetes is an affliction that requires regular medicines, and physical exercise. If you take alternative treatments, then you consult your physician before making any changes.

Diabetes is a nutritional disorder in which blood glucose level is increased. Diabetes can affect different organs of the body if not controlled on time. For controlling diabetes, it is necessary that a person takes the requirement medical treatment (whether that be insulin, or some medicine), and through regular physical exercise. However, all this ensures that you can get your diabetes under control and lead a normal life, but you will still need to exercise the regular amount of caution (such as staying away from sugar and starchy substances, getting regular amount of exercise, and so on). Hence, there are a lot of questions about whether alternate medical methods such as Ayurveda can cure diabetes. Further, you will find web sites that claim that Ayurveda can cure diabetes, but should you believe them ? After all, you are taking a risk with your own life.
In Ayurveda, diabetes is known as madhumeha. It is classified as a ‘kapha’ type of disorder, and further classified into 20 different types of diabetes. Most ayurvedic treatments promise you relief from the medicines that you need to control your diabetes, but do not actually claim that they can cure diabetes. The treatment prescribed as per Ayurveda does require you to change your lifestyle, and your diet to some degree. The details of this treatment are:

Diet changes:
– Bring down or eliminate the consumption of sugar, rice, potato, bananas and other form of high sugar fruits.
– Start the consumption of more of food stuffs such as green vegetables, soy, gram, cucumber, bitter gourd, Bengal Gram, onion and garlic, raw vegetables (after cleaning them thoroughly)

Lifestyle changes:
– Start doing Yoga on a regular basis
– Get regular physical exercise, which can also mean something like 30 minutes brisk walk per day
– Avoid sleeping in the daytime
– Get around 7-8 hours of sleep per day
– Give up bad habits such as smoking

When you start doing these for some time, and feel an improvement in your health, get your blood sugar level checked. If you find that your blood sugar levels start getting reduced and in control, consult your doctor to get your medicine levels reduced.

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